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My version of ecomodding...

Hi all, I see on here a lot of you are ecomodding for the highest fuel mileage your car can possibly get, some spending good money to get those last few mpg's. I however was drawn to ecomodding because I'm pretty frugal (sometimes downright cheap.) I have adopted some new driving techniques to better my mpg's however I save money more by doing most of my own vehicle maintenance, but the biggest savings I come across is buying used tires. Now it may seem crazy, but hear me out. Buying inexpensive tires for my car new would be around $350-$400 installed, buying some low rolling resistance tires would cost a bit more, maybe $500. However I come across a lot of used tires in my line of work, some I admit I get off craigslist, but finding the right set can save me quite a bit of money. For instance (I live in nh, I have $90 into a set of snow tires for this year, they were previously used for one season and I was able to negotiate them down from $150, and my summer set, I'll end up having (once mounted) $130 into them. That amount of savings more than makes up fabricating a grille blocker or purchasing smooth wheel covers for a couple more mpg's.

Thanks for reading lol, I'm not good with structuring what I write so sorry if it's cumbersome to read. What do you guys think?

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