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Originally Posted by RedDevil View Post
If solar is cheap, light and robust enough to apply to the roof of an EV - why not? It can help keep the car cool in summer, it can prevent bricking the battery when the car isn't used for a long time. But it won't have a big effect on range.
Yet, any help, however small, is a benefit.

Stella Vie is super light and has a gigantic solar panel. Therefore it can potentially run hundreds of miles a day on solar alone. If your car has 4 times the drag and a quarter of the area at half the PV efficiency, only about 10 added miles remain.

The better batteries get, the less reason to mount PV panels on cars.
That's exactly it. Basically you've said if PV were better in every way, then it might be useful on a vehicle. There's currently a use for PV, but it's not for providing EV range, but instead maintaining 12v battery health and maybe ventilating the cabin (crack the windows instead?).

Originally Posted by All Darc View Post
Exactly !!!

And with low weight and low drag, you don't need much batteries. And with the solar panel, in huge area, in a low weight car, being relevant due these condition as you said, the solar panel saves the need of a lot of batteries, since the solar output will be relevant for such car.
Yes, if you build an engineering marvel at great cost, that has almost zero utility, you can benefit from solar. We're talking about practical vehicles for the masses, not a university science experiment funded by grants.

The reason vehicle mounted PV isn't used to charge the traction battery on production vehicles is because it's a dumb idea, not because nobody has thought of it yet.

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