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If the United States wanted to,they could have a national competition for a kdf wagon,'People's Car',of rationalized design,which any automaker could produce.Sam' Club or Cosco could build them as well.A 'club' car,sold to members at cost.(you've already paid your membership!)
*An EV
*no carbon footprint
*charge at home.
*charge it anywhere you are(national charging infrastructure)
* spec-built.
*Cd 0.12 body,40-year design.Not negotiable.Infinite graphics allowed for aesthetics,but no alteration of the body shape.
*every part is standardized.For 40-years.
*active suspension
*active aerodynamics
*stripper model,wired for whistles and bells.Plug and play.
*interior design,anything you like,want,desire,all modular.(spend a little,spend a lot,it's up to you)
*Standardized battery pack,40-year dimensions.
*Quick-change pack (I witnessed this in 1995 at the Phoenix Solar-500)
*in less time than it takes to fuel an ICE vehicle,or recharge an EV ,you're on your way with a hot pack.(for road trips)
*wherever you go there are parts and service (it's a standardized national vehicle)
*every mechanic in the country can work on it
*no advertising expense.
*no annual styling change,other than colors and interiors.
*no additional R&D or tooling expenses (they're locked in for 40-years and paid off in 48-months)
*manufacturing cost is by the pound.Like hamburger.
*5-Star Safety features are locked in.NHTSA has no say after the design is locked in.
*The EPA has nothing to say,it's zero-pollution.
*no dealers(and associated expenses),buy it at a grocery store if you like
*as/or if R-R improvements come along,these better tires fit the first models,as well as the last.
*there will never be aerodynamic improvements,as this is achieved at day-1.
*ultimate economies of scale
*no salesperson,No need.Everyone already knows what the car is,and what it's going to be for another 39-years.It's the national car of the United States.
*no manufacturer will ever be surprised by a new regulation they'll have to comply with.
*like a Beetle or Model T,anything that fits today,fits 39-years from now.
* the car costs less each year,just like the Model T.
*Anyone on minimum wage can afford one.
*no car theft (why would they? they've already got their own!)
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