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NGK's new Ruthenium spark plugs

So, late last year NGK came out with a new spark plug electrode material. They claim a few kind of 'normal' spark plug benefits.

Ruthenium HX

Today's technology allows for efficient designs that create more power while using less fuel. This has shortened the life of traditional iridium and platinum spark plugs. In response, NGK has created NGK Ruthenium HX, a high stability spark plug with twice the service life of NGK Iridium.

Some very interesting claims there. As far as ignition speed, thats basically what Pulstar says is superior about their plugs. They claim an improvement in acceleration, but they don't say to what speed! Is that 0-60? 0-100? Is it 10 accelerations to 100 mph? Who knows. Its largely marketing gimmick unless we know the scale of that chart. That said, I think the main benefit of these ruthenium plugs would be their claimed twice the service life. This would make them basically good for the life of the vehicle.

Sounds like the same old rhetoric to me. But, their price doesn't seem to bad. The local O'rileys has the size my Mirage uses for $9 per plug. Not bad for a brand new product that is claimed to last longer than iridium.

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