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Originally Posted by MetroMPG View Post
They've announced the cancellation of the Cruze already. Along with the Volt. Malibu too? I forget.
A major reason for canceling said cars...... other than the reason Chevy foists off on the public?
Self-righteous car dealers thought they could stick on the list price & never come down. Twice, I visited to purchase an Eco-Cruze & neither time would they lift off the list. I said I could save $5000 on a Hyundai Elantra, just trying to get them to drop their price $2000. They told me to get the Elantra. Best advice a dealer ever gave me...... & I saved $6000 on an auto Elantra. Loved the Elantra so much, we now own a another Elantra, a manual, we got for under $13,000. In 120,000 total miles, nothing has ever gone wrong with either. Looks like the Cruze wouldn't have been as good & we never could have afforded a second one. We also have a third Hyundai, adding to our total miles, now 260,000. We will still own all three, when they have a total 400,000 miles(more?). My regular mechanic has forgotten my name.

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