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FORD F-150 EV announced

Thursday night,Disney-ABC news announced that Ford Motor Company has an EV version of it's 42-years -sales-leading F-150 in the pipeline.No other details.
So GM ,Toyota,Nissan,Mitsubishi,and FIAT now may feel compelled to follow,as Rivian Motors' EV pickup and TESLA have already fired the opening salvo in a war which has been dominated by ICE technology.
Ford's been using Toyota's hybrid technology for years.It wouldn't be that big of a leap to go from plug-in hybrid,to full EV.Toyota and Ford could share that tech as well.And Tesla has been giving away all their secrets since day one anyway.So development costs would be minimized.
Some Ford customers are already spending $65,000 for a pickup.This is EV territory.
ICE will not be able to compete against the performance of an EV,even in range.
Rolls-Royce has already made the jump.They're skipping hybrid,and going straight to EV.
Supercars are the next to fall,after the new Tesla roadster debuts in 2020.
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