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home photovoltaic

Originally Posted by Snax View Post
I'm just curious as to people's thoughts on photo-voltaic panels for their homes.

- Do you have them?
- Are you seriously planning to get them?
- Do you use a battery backup?
- Do you directly charge an EV with them? Would you?
- Is/was having solar power a factor in deciding to own an EV?
- What would you do differently now if starting from scratch?

I'm not really interested in the politics of clean vs. dirty power etc. (There's another thread for that.)
For me,purchasing wind-generated power from my electric Coop worked out to be more pragmatic.
We have enough cloud cover to be a deal-breaker for solar,while the wind is really reliable.
I pay a flat 13-cents/kWh.And I'm squirreling away all that I can for a second-hand entry-level EV.20-miles range would exceed most of my needs.
I do have a modest PV array,and have enjoyed 10-years off the grid,and a solar-charged electric scooter,but it's more of a technology demonstrator than 'real' transportation.
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