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6000-year cycle

Originally Posted by freebeard View Post
I was coming back to The Lounge to start a new thread called Ecomodding The Planet but I see that this one's still alive. A micro-nova would be a Black Swan event, but would explain the 6000-year periodicity in the geologic record.

Re-green the Sahara and get 6x the food available to humanity? He starts with nano-particulate clay and biochar and (typically for Isaac Arthur) ends up with mirrors in space.

For balance I listened to Dr. Steve Turley CS Lewis: Prophet of Globalization. C. S. Lewis was a contemporary of Orwell and Huxley. It's an hour of talk (findable on Youtube) but he concludes that the way forward (into the past) is through education and quotes John Ruskin and Tolkien.
So far,I've not seen any mention of a 6,000-year cycle in the geologic record mentioned in the science journals.
And if it's supposed to be associated with a 'micro-nova',it would have never have gotten got past a jury of peer-review.
The Sun cannot produce such an event.It's structurally impossible.
And there is no such thing as a repeating nova,they're a one-shot event.The star is gone afterwards.
There are no black swan events with respect to steller physics mentioned in astronomy.Every phenomena has been pretty well explained as far as I know,within a year of the state-of-the-art.
Education is a good idea.We presently don't have any.
Globalization is another good idea,as we face challenges of global scale.
Terra-forming the Sahara would be challenging.Seems like we'd be looking at geologic time frames.
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