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Originally Posted by mpg_numbers_guy View Post
As a relevant comparison, between today and yesterday's trips my Insight got 82.9 MPG driving on "normal" roads (flat + slight hills) and "only" 73.7 MPG through mountain passes. MPG was lower because I couldn't maintain lean burn for 80%-90% of the passes.
That's been my experience with the Insight, too. Used to regularly drive over Carson Pass (California 88) then Altamont Pass into San Jose, and would get mid-70s for the round trip. But a flatter* drive out US 50 &c to the Toiyabe Range would get in the low 80s.

And of course the one-way trips downhill from the top of Carson Pass would see me getting 150 mph (the highest the Insight's gauge will show) for 50-60 miles :-)

*I do realize that my idea of "hills" may differ from the norm :-)
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