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Tesla 3.66 kW solar, Nissan Leaf

I agree with what somebody else said, there's no need to get an EV and solar power at the same time. But, we're very glad we got both. We got the Leaf first and solar power about 1.5 years later. If I could only choose one, I would pick the EV before solar power.

The Nissan Leaf probably saves $1,000/year on gas and maintenance and it's more fun than the old ICE (internal combustion engine) car.

Our Tesla 3.66 kW system was designed to cover about 75% of our home electric bill. This December it was 80% covered, so maybe our savings will be more than expected. Tesla was pretty expensive compared to other options but I don't regret it, and it will pay off in the long term. Breakeven is about 14 years. Customer service has been good and I like the Google Nest they gave us. The Google Nest saves lots of energy, too.

Unfortunately my town in Texas doesn't have any extra solar rebates and electricity is already cheap (~10c/kWh). So we're in an area where rooftop solar barely makes sense, financially.

My only regret is not waiting a bit longer because Tesla just dropped solar prices by "up to 20%." With the 20% price drop, it would have been a very easy decision to go solar.

We're pretty much maxed out on roof and yard space. I toy with doing a ground solar installation for my parents in Colorado because they have plenty of open fields and good rebates.

2015 Nissan Leaf S, 164 mpge
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