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Not quite simul-post! One minute difference. Your Avalon doesn't have. a hatch does it?
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Originally Posted by Isaac Zackary
We camped around "living out of our car" and sleeping in a tent on several occasions during the last couple of years simply so we could save on hotels in both our Nissan Leaf and now our Toyota Avalon. We just carry around a cook stove for cooking. From time to time camp at a paid campground that has showers.
For now though we don't plan on moving out of our actual home.
What would slowmover do? Number of people times number of days times (water or not). A reasonable body style would allow someone to stand on a flat floor for dressing or cooking. A four-door notchback is not that.

What do you think of a trailer, or hitch-mounted pop-up, or a roof-top tent as options? Does a hinged and folding mattress sound friendly to your back?


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