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What would slowmover do? Number of people times number of days times (water or not). A reasonable body style would allow someone to stand on a flat floor for dressing or cooking. A four-door notchback is not that.

What do you think of a trailer, or hitch-mounted pop-up, or a roof-top tent as options? Does a hinged and folding mattress sound friendly to your back?[/QUOTE]

Number of annual nights aboard to figure value. Dollars spent versus “savings”.

That’s against having hot water in sufficient quantity (a shower isn’t necessary, but it is limiting); ability to cook, and to stay warm & dry. Thus a propane system is necessary.

Fresh water is the limitation (how many nights aboard without re-supply?).

Fresh water capacity PLUS propane capacity are the single most important design factors.

Why I’ve never had an interest in multi-purpose vehicles. They do EVERYTHING badly. (See the trailer versus pickup truck thread).

RV Park living is now all over the country. Beats hell out of being on a side street. Sooner or later that WILL cause trash, urine & feces dumped roadside. No plan or miracle toilet will avoid it. (You say you won’t. Ha! You will).

The other aspect of this magic van thinking is the belief that one won’t ever get sick or injured. (Very, VERY bad assumption).

An RV Park may be unappealing (mine is, in spades), but it offers an address and a conceptual (legal) framework out of which to work.

I may be home three days per month. Seems expensive to pay ground rent. But I have both water and 50A electric service plus sewer. The park owner has some liability for conditions. And while there is no lease, it’s comfortable on a long-term basis.

Since ALL OTHERS are not renters, but own their RVs, it is not ever as unfriendly as an apartment complex. Or mobile home park.

And, given a decent travel trailer (vintage Airstream; a V6 Dodge Charger can tow almost any of them; see EPA ratings) one can move almost anywhere winter temps aren’t prohibitive (daily highs above freezing).

That’s the real point of these threads. Resisting the NEED to move elsewhere. It’s too little, too late AND a waste of what money one does have to continue to deny need.

An RV is a relative low cost choice. It has expenses of its own, insurance fir full-time living almost doesn’t exist, and it has maintenance & repairs that will be necessary.

Think Sunday morning repairs on a commercial side street will be easy?

The attitude of theft of public good isn’t limited to “stealth camping” by the poorly-paid. I had a load of fun with owners of the Sprinterbased $200k Airstream Interstates a while back who want to stealth camp at trailhead parking lots. The very limited parking at issue.

Versus doing the right thing and reserving a campground site. Where it’s FAR easier to spread out all the hiking gear, bathe and wash clothing. And it’s hardly an inconvenience to arrange a ride from that campground or secured parking somewhere else.

It’s always been fun to confront the crunchy-granola types mid-trail with some of their hypocrisies. As what they believe to be virtuous, isn’t.

Sleeping on the street gets one moving, accelerating, down a slope where it isn’t easy to brake.


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