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Originally Posted by freebeard View Post
[1] Ten known recurrent micro-nova in 100 years of observation. That's a small sample size. Covered in the first three minutes here (then it goes on to the age of the Sphinx. I know your opinion of S0):

Back ontopic at 10:08.

[2] Do you know of C. S. Lewis' Two Cultures argument?

[3] The Sahara was created within human history. Isaac Arthur suggests if we pay for the energy instead of getting it for free from the Sun, it can be 1000 times as efficient. [shrug]
I've read The Chronicles of Narnia and Mere Christianity by him.
He's not the type of writer I'm drawn to.None of his stuff resonated with me.
As to Isaac Arthur,these videos require so much time for the little actual content they contain,that you almost need wild horses to drag me to them,since I have such little time each week,and nobody will do a synopsis to parse out the major themes presented.
I am not comprehending his comment about 1000-X as efficient.?
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