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sold to me

Originally Posted by oil pan 4 View Post
When 630 billion dollars is at stake (the amount Obama said carbon cap and tax would raise) yes it's a conspiracy.

It was sold to me that tornadoes and sever storms were going to keep getting worse and worse and that it probably wasn't going to slow down, let alone pause or get better.
You know that's why we had to do something now, big emergency, ect, ect, give us all your money and we promise you will feel better.

I already caught the believers in a straight up lie when they tried to say that "there are now more hurricanes than ever". Nope. That was the best one to date because it was so easy proven to be an out right lie.

Looks like the tornado data says the same thing. 1884, wow and only a fraction of tornadoes that happened were ever reported. Until the advent of weather radar the, historically the state with the most reported tornadoes was Massachusetts.
The weather now was nothing like the turn of the last turn of the century.
Definitely proof of climate change, just opposite of what the belivers say is going on now.
Looks like you don't pay any attention to weather-related news reports.

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