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Originally Posted by oil pan 4 View Post
A volcano doesn't explain the 1880s to 1930s US hurricane anomaly.
Where more hurricanes made land fall between 1885 and 1930 than 1930 till now.
That's why.
Plus this proves climate change, you should be happy.
*in the past 2-million years,there's been a worldwide surge in volcanic explosive eruptions associated with ice cap fluctuations.
*the 1626-BC explosive eruption of Mount Thera/Santorim,Aegean Sea,cooled the whole planet.
*in 1695 there was a 'Krakatoa'-scale eruption which cooled the whole planet.
*in 1725,ditto
*The Spring,1815 Mount Tambora explosive eruption ended in an average,mean global temperature drop of 2-F.
*in 1883,Krakatoa,east of Java,East Indies,cooled the whole planet.
*in 1912,Mount Katmai,Alaska blew her top.
*in 1950,began a worldwide increase in explosive volcanic eruptions
*in 1963,Mount Agung went off,with a stratospheric ash cloud which reduced global surface temperature by 1.6-2% all the way to the Equator.
*in 1970,the Deception Island,Antarctica volcano blew a 1/4-mile hole though 300-feet of ice.
*in 1976 Mount Fuego,Guatemala went off with an ash plume great enough to cool the whole planet.This was part of the 'Global Cooling' controversy at the time,and researchers were perfectly justified in any and all reporting.
*in 1980 we had Mount St. Helens
*in 1992,Mount Pinatubo,Philippines
*Recently we've had Iceland's little demonstration.
All we know,is that these explosive eruptions can,have,and could cool the entire Earth,due to albedo affects,plus other atmospheric photolysis/photochemical reactions which affect the ozones' absorption of solar spectra or not,and Methanogenesis,oxidation to water vapor,and infrared forcing from the lower stratosphere.
Their causation or implications about Tornado spatial and temporal frequency and magnitude would be a completely different kettle of fish.
Like hurricanes,tornadoes are 'heat engines',driven by at the intersection of warm,moist air and cold dry air.
Since the oceans have warmed,and store most of the heat,available heat energy is ever present and can span (as already mentioned) short term perturbations in 'weather' on both a regional as well as global scale.
With polar jet perturbation,no one can guess what the Jet Stream will do,which has a strong bearing on a proper setup for cyclonic activity,whether over land or water.
And another 'Elephant in the room',is the fact that ice sheet loss,triggers tectonic rebound,which in turn accumulates lithospheric stress,which,you guessed it,can trigger volcanic eruptions.
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