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Originally Posted by RedDevil View Post
My wife's cousin is a professor in astrophysics who's primary research field is the detection of exoplanets. He and his team of students have discovered thousands of exoplanets (and confirmed the existence of many more that were detected by others) by studying minute variations in the intensity and spectrum of millions of stars.

If mininovas were a thing he should have encountered them.
It is unthinkable that those are a regular phenomenon to our star, but absent in the millions of stars that surround us. He should know, and if there are mininovas he'll tell me so the next time I see him and ask. He's in Ireland now, so it will take some time.
I'm not expecting anything like that exists though. But I'll ask, we'll see.
Yeah,the fella who did the Great Courses,Astronomy series is the chief Ph.D.astronomer at the Green Bank National Radio Astronomy Observatory.He's a career astronomer,who described research down to the molecular/ion /cosmic particle level.
If nano novae existed,I suspect he would not have neglected to share that.
SCIENCE and NATURE routinely feature astronomy,cosmology,astrophysics,and astrochemical articles,and I've yet to see anything about 'nano-novae'.
Nova require the collapse of a super-massive star and it's a one-way trip.You either get a neutron star or a black hole.Conservation of energy forbids a reverse-reaction to a precursor rest state.2nd-law of thermodynamics.
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