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Originally Posted by RedDevil View Post
I can't believe that you believe that makes sense at all.
Do we have to wait for 60 years before we can finally say we killed the climate, as maybe the ice could still magically grow back on?
Last night on PBS' FRONTLINE's COAL's DEADLY DUST, David G. Zatezalo,head of the Mine Safety Health Administration said in effect,that all current coal miners suffering from black lung disease will have to die from exposure to silica fine particulates before silica/cancer 'causation' is proved.
Exactly as Purdue Pharma does with Oxycontin.
Exactly as climate deniers do.
Exactly as Tobacco did.
Exactly as Dalkon Shield did.
Exactly as Thalidomide did
You wouldn't want science to get in the way of making money.
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