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Originally Posted by oil pan 4 View Post
If you want real science then yes.
Actually it would need to be more like 100 to 150 years more.
The only climate data that even approachs that sample size is either manipulated to show the desired outcome or thrown out because it doesn't fit the narrative or can't be manipulated.
You have to admit that looks pretty suspicious.
Real scientists of French nobility examined how long the head remained alive after it was separated from the body by a guillotine.
Several of them volunteered to take part in the experiment themselves, since they had no choice in avoiding the guillotine. By blinking their eyes they were able to show they were conscious and could even respond to questions, for up to 30 seconds after the strike.
Technically their heads were still alive after being severed. But there could be no doubt they'd die quickly.

Just like the severed French scientists heads, the Antarctic ice sheet is moribund. The trend can't be reversed. We can't sow the head back on the body for the better.
We already know how Antarctica will look in a hundred years from now: smaller and less white.

Somehow, stating you have to wait until well beyond your own death before you can say anything about climate does not sound very scientific to me. Not with the blood, or as you like cubic miles of ice, running out.

The suspicion is entirely on you.
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