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[QUOTE=Isaac Zackary;589423]That's $15K a year if you don't ever have to go to the doctor. If you do then you have to pay up to that out-of-pocket expenses. So add $13K to $15K and your health care could cost upwards of $28K a year.

Yes and no. Most preventative visits are covered 100% before deductible. That came out of the ACA. So things like yearly physicals for my wife and I and her yearly gynecological visit are covered 100% by the insurance company. Last year we paid a total of $55 for medical costs. Beyond the preventative visits, I pay 100% up to my $5000 deductible. After I hit my deductible, the insurance company pays 100%. That is how it works for each family member, but the maximum we can pay is $13,300. (The $13,300 is the maximum allowed by Federal law, also from the ACA)

How it works out for us is most years we pay almost nothing (less than $500) and about once a decade we pay the max. We have money to cover paying the max-out-of pocket in our emergency fund. (6 months expenses)

Originally Posted by Isaac Zackary View Post
Plus the older you get the higher the premiums are. My parents have to pay about double what I do for the same plan.
Iím well aware of that. The ACA used to only allow companies to charge up to 300% more based on age. The recent changes bumped that to 500%. We are looking at 20 years paying out of pocket for insurance. With no certainty with the current system and no hope for a fix, we will need to move out of the USA.
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