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Originally Posted by Snax View Post
I'm just curious as to people's thoughts on photo-voltaic panels for their homes.

- Do you have them?
- Are you seriously planning to get them?
- Do you use a battery backup?
- Do you directly charge an EV with them? Would you?
- Is/was having solar power a factor in deciding to own an EV?
- What would you do differently now if starting from scratch?

I'm not really interested in the politics of clean vs. dirty power etc. (There's another thread for that.)
We have a 10.1kW rooftop PV array. And we have 2 EV's - we have had 2 for over 5 years.

My plan / hope is to get a battery system to be able to use electricity rather than feeding the grid, and to be able to use the panels when there is a grid outage.

If you are asking about charging the EV's from the battery - then that is not very likely. We do plug the EV's in during a sunny day, when we can.

Yes - we have long hoped / planned on having both solar PV and EV's. The benefits of each is greatly enhanced by the other.

I am not sure what you are getting at in your last question - can you explain what you mean?
Sincerely, Neil
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