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Originally Posted by redpoint5 View Post
I don't see the point of battery backup at all unless the solar system is off-grid entirely. A generator is a couple hundred bucks new. Who cares if it burns a gallon of fuel every other year?

The only way I see a battery as useful is to game TOU pricing to charge them up when electricity is cheap and discharge when they are paying top dollar for electricity.
The truth is that economically, aside from disaster preparedness, TOU really is the only way they make sense for grid connected locations. Disaster preparedness is my primary focus.

I'm thinking it may make more sense to just store a lot of propane.

I'm not a harcore prepper or anything. I just keep flashing back to the fact that Puerto Rico is still a shambles, and I have little doubt about the current administration's lack of resolve to help out our home state much.
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