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Rebellion - '16 KMX Framekit Custom electric velomobile
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It only ran on lead acid batteries a few times, using 36V and then 48V, with batteries that were ready for the scrapyard and couldn't do more than 100A or so.

That was in 2012. Here's a video:

It had some mechanical issues that have been mostly solved since, and those tired old lead acid batteries made it VERY slow.

I ended up buying some CALB CA100FIs in 2013. The car still isn't finished.

Anyway, here are some pictures from 2016:

More pics from 2013-2015:

In it now is a Prestolite MTC4001 series DC motor modified for high voltage operation, Soliton 1 controller, and 65 CALB CA100FI batteries. It currently peels out in top gear at a stop and fishtails effortlessly at full throttle. I will be adding a Quaife limited slip differential to correct its tendency to fishtail at full throttle once funding is available.

I designed this conversion back in high school to use lead acid batteries, but didn't get it anywhere near completion until long after college due to lack of funds and/or time.

I had money to finish it last year, but I ended up having to use it to save my mother's house after some family members drained her money for drug habits, and she can't walk or work. I'm currently unemployed again and haven't had luck finding work and have been living off my savings.

I'm currently trying to sell my prized Mercedes 300 SDL for cash to finish my electric velomobile and get the GT6 legal and close to completion.

In the long run, I want to get a transmission delete and twin synchronous reluctance motors with high efficiency or maybe just plain old twin series DC WarP 9's. I want to make this thing scary to floor it in. It also needs a roll cage.
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