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Originally Posted by kach22i View Post
Nice project, I see that you updated it from 2010 to 2019.

That's called dedication.
I drew the first circuit diagrams for this back in 2002/2003 when I was a 17 year old high school student...

That old video showed some road under your feet, a full belly pan may resolve that condition while improving your Cd.
I have mock-ups made out of coroplast for most of my pieces. I haven't had a chance to try them yet.

130 mph?

You are taking care of a great deal of lift by following the aero-template but I would feel better if there was a front chin splitter for some nose down force to help keep the car planted at high speed.
Since I ended up getting LiFePO4 instead of PbA, I'm actually planning to go faster now... If I get Cd down to 0.25 and frontal area ends up at 14.7 sq ft, theoretical top speed with that Prestolite making 120 horsepower(calculated, not dynoed) could be north of 150...

The continuous power rating of the motor isn't all that great, so racing it could overheat it in under 5 minutes. Max continuous flat ground cruising speed should be around 85-90 mph, with hills dramatically lowering that.

I don't plan to keep that motor forever, and going to a nice AC setup or dual WarP 9s with series/parallel shifting is in order in the longer term.

When you seal up the front grille, make sure it's air-tight, even a little air penetrating though has a habit of being noticeable.
There will be one small duct for motor cooling on the underside of the car.
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