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Go to the EM Garage and you'll see a link to add an new vehicle, it's pretty easy.

Yes the mpguino will work on your car, it just needs a vss and injector signals you can tap into from the wiring harness by the ECU on the passenger floor. I don't have one yet, but intend to get one soon.

Changing a HG on a CRX really isn't that big of a job. I ended up doing mine twice since I wasn;t aware of the Honda bullitin the first time. The 2nd time I had the car running in about 10 hours of work, the 1st time was probably closer 15 hours. I just did a Nissan Sentra which in comparison was a complete nightmare, always running into bolts that you can;t get wrenches on, having to take off a bunch of crap just to get to the parts you have to take off, etc. Other then the crank pulley bolt (which is easy once you have the right tools) the Honda is not like that at all, I don't even remember cussing which is very unusual when I'm working on a car. I kicked a dent into the Nissan I was so ticked at it.

You can by a precision straight edge (18" in length is fine) off Ebay for about $25 to measure how flat the head is. Or take it to a machine shop and have them do it. The local shop around here charged about $80 to measure and resurface the head and they hot tanked off the IM gasket crap and what was left of the fiber HG. I had them do a valve job at the same time.

I would check a Napa parts store for a block tester, it is a kit ($50 unfortunately) that measures hydrocarbons coming out of the radiator cap which would confirm if your HG os blown or not. The other way to check is to start the car (cold) with the rad cap off, let it warm up and then blip the throttle, if you see bubbles in the coolant, your HG is probably blown. With my CRX, blipping the throttle would blow bubbles and coolant out of the radiator when the rad cap was off.
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