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Originally Posted by arcosine View Post
Its exactly the opposite of what you describe. A long nose coupled with a lot of trial is not good. Maybe Matt Weaver never rode in gusty 20 mph cross winds, but I can tell you from experience that the side forces are coupled directly into the steering and the more trail, the more torque has to be input to the steering to correct. The smallest nose in the front is best for side wind stability. I once tried 12 inches of trail, and when I put the fairing on it was almost unridable. The wind pushes and trail turns the steering away from the wind, not into it. Negative trail would do what you are saying.
Matt did far better in crosswinds than any who rode before him, because the aero reaction was instantaneous, and set up the proper lean to counter the gust. However, bicycle stability is a many factored thing, and if you have found a better combination with a shorter nose, I'm delighted.
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