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Jeep Aero mods testing - with results

Hello everyone!

With very limited time I managed to get some testing done on my Jeep. My scan tool displays and logs a ton of ECU parameters and I chose actual injection quantity and mass air flow. Instant MPG resolution is 1L/100km, which is not exactly accurate

Control test was done with this lip installed:

Mod #2 was installing front tire deflectors:

Mod #3 was installing a big plastic panel over the lower grille

The test was done on the flattest stretch of road I could find, in a, luckily, free of traffic interval and I've removed from the data log entries when I was accelerating or coasting. Speed was set with cruise control to 60mph.

Control test (only lip):
Average injection quantity: 21.40 mg/stroke
Average MAF: 619.4 mg/s

Front tire deflectors:
Average injection quantity: 21.48 mg/stroke (0.37% worse)
Average MAF: 617.0 mg/s (0.38% better)

Front tire deflectors and lower grille block:
Average injection quantity: 20.89 mg/stroke (2.4% better)
Average MAF: 610.2 mg/s (1.49% better)

It's a short stretch of road, 4.5 miles total.

Just looking at the instant MPG, I was in the 6L/100km range three times with the front tire deflectors and the lower grille block, while during the other tests I was in that range only once.

Thoughts? Should I still keep the front tire deflectors?

I have the panels for blocking the upper grille ready, I just did not have time to install them today when testing.

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