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First, I wonder why this was posted. Appears to be spam, but for what purpose?

Second, it is wrong to think that everyone learns in the same way. Some people need to read the material - that's why there are textbooks. Some need to hear it - that's why there are lectures. Some need to be hands-on - that's why there are labs.

For myself, I found that taking notes during a lecture, then rewriting those notes into a notebook was the only way I could remember what was said.

So I think the idea that we can have computer based learning is going to result in some folks being left behind. Not that some aren't left behind now - what with the emphasis on written tests. (My daughter is one of those that does poorly on written tests, but excels at verbal testing.)

Unfortunately, instead of experts in education running the show, the politicians are - and their ability to devise changes in the education system is limited to what will get them elected.

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