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Originally Posted by RedDevil View Post
The really bad thing about the cold spell in North America is where that cold is coming from - and where it isn't right now.
It needs to freeze hard on the North Pole to compensate for the loss of ice in the summer, and if it doesn't next year will see record losses again.
Yes,the sea-ice forms from the bottom up,frozen from above,as it ejects brine.S now acts like insulation,reducing sea-ice formation.The warm water exacerbates evaporation,which exacerbates snowfall,exacerbating the insulation,in a runaway cascade effect.
Sea-ice-bottom-algae form the beginning of the entire food web,for both the Arctic and Antarctic.
As the polar seas warm,and ice cover vanishes,so goes the food chain,marine,and terrestrial species,dependent upon ice,all the way up to man.
Oceanographers are terrified at what they're witnessing,and the implications for the whole planet.
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