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power bill

Originally Posted by oil pan 4 View Post
100% green energy increases power bill by $1,200 per year.

Yeah and 68% of people won't even pay $120 per year for green energy.
I can go "100% green energy" for about $4,000 with grid tie power.
Don't need the government to do it for me.
Goods and services provided by the environment,by some calculations,have been valued at $33-trillion/year.
As fossil-fuel combustion eats into these goods and services,it's only proper that the fossil-fuel combustion industry compensate the good people of planet Earth for their loss(es).
As the cost of doing business always translates into price,depending upon the degree of insult attributed to combustion,the price of fuel should mirror losses,potentially in the $trillions a year.
Should these externalities be reflected in consumer prices, we may find that fossil fuels represent the most expensive form of energy ever conceived by man.
You might already be paying $millions a year for fossil energy.You just haven't been presented with the invoice.
That being the case,zero-carbon,renewable energy begins to look like the greatest energy bargain ever conceived by man.
Yep,it's the KOOL-AID.
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