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It's in different colors, even yellow. Sticker not found, I will get it next time I go to the home improvement shop

Anyway, here is the upper grille block:

I set off to Austria for the yearly skiing holiday and used only 3 out of 5 blocking plates out of fear of overheating. When giving it the beans uphill, the water temperature went up a few degrees. Going steady uphill on the highway, no problems what-so-ever.
Running all 5 blocking plates here but it still takes about 5 miles to get up to full temperature.

Over the usual test section of highway (600 km) the trip computer showed 35.1 MPG and the calculated fuel consumption was 31.65 MPG. Exact same as the summer fuel consumption and 3 years ago when I had snow tires and just the chin spoiler. Traffic however was not the same, lots of trucks to pass, and passing on the highway in Europe means going 70-80mph. I'm pretty happy given that. Trip computer shows 28 MPG going 75mph, which is awesome.

The lower corners of the tire deflectors are now rounded off...I guess they are not stiff enough to maintain their position going 80mph.

The whole chin spoiler was wet from road spray all the way until the bend in the deflectors. Does that mean that the bend is too sharp?

On the return trip there should be less traffic.
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