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Thanks for the info. I'll go to the EM Garage soon. I think I'll also be hoping and praying I don't need a HG. 10 to 15 hours sounds like a major pain. I'd almost rather swap another engine into it. There goes all my fun hypermiling, though, because I guarantee that if I swap engines it would be almost impossible to find anything else as efficient as this engine. I don't really think I need one, though. Don't ask me why I wouldn't, other than "It's a Honda."
I've been thinking of all the things I need to do to the car to get it running right, but I think the MPGuino will be first in line. That should make it a lot easier to document the difference made by other changes and repairs.
Here's an idea. Maybe we could get our MPGuinos at the same time and work together to figure them out. From reading about them, it looks like they take some calibrating and some programming. You know what they say, "Two heads are better than one." If you're not up for it yet, that's cool. There are a lot of people on the forum who are willing to provide advice. I just think we'd both probably get it done much sooner, much more easily, if we made a deal to do it at the same time and help each other out. And we'd start getting the kind of numbers we want a lot sooner, as well. Not to mention keeping our money instead of giving it to the gas stations.
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