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Originally Posted by oil pan 4 View Post
Good luck selling global warming when the highs have been below 0F in half the country for a week to people who already refuse to pay for it.
Sour grapes. That post got debunked, but you won't admit.

John McLean is a nobody, but he got the academic world investigating the data again and of course the conclusion was what we knew all along. Time wasted - a battle of attrition to waste energy from the scientific community.

You know damn well that the cold in the US right now is the result of an anomaly in the weather pattern. That cold isn't where it should be, protecting the polar ice. We've been there before already.
Why do you keep repeating?
Is your argument that while YOU know the climate is changing due to human activities, the average American does not get it or care enough about it?
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For confirmation go to people just like you.
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