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An electric hovercraft, 1960???????????

George Barris
"X.P.A.C. 400 AIR CAR"
XPAC 400 - Novelty and Product Cars Gallery | Barris Kustom Industries

This car is a ground effects machine and rides on a five inch cushion of air and can run on land or water, has no wheels, transmission or rear end. Plus, no frictional moving parts................

Four inch polyethylene circular skirt is installed on the lower portion of the body........

All panels are hand formed from 040 half hard aluminum, by Jack Sutton..........

Power is two jet aircraft starter motors 24 volt D.C...............

All electronics are on circuit breakers, racheted relays and solanoids engineered by Earl Wilson................

This car was designed and built to be demonstrated for the public showing how an air operates and is mounted on a guide rail for safety.
EDIT: 1959

More information and photos here:

Since there is no mention of "batteries" and since it was on a rail indoors, I'm going to assume it was plugged in a 24 volt convertor which was plugged into a wall outlet. I see no extension cord, just being pessimistic.

The section including radar and sound-waves I must consider colorful hyperbole for the show.
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