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Originally Posted by freebeard View Post
They might be a problem if it could move. All it could do (so far as I know) was hover.

Don't you do hovercraft? What do you think of the size of those fan intakes?

How about the overall lifting body shape?
Yea I own a small hovercraft and have been nuts about them since 1966 when I was six years old.

Contrary to the one report calling it circular it looks elliptical to me.

The layout of one fan in front, another behind was successful on many annular jet skitless hovercraft of the day (ie Curtis Wright Aircar). They bled lift air though vanes to go forward and stop or turn.

Such vanes or puff-ports on smaller craft were not needed as all the operator has to do is lean a little to far in any direction, and that's the way it slides.
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