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Nobody cares...?

Originally Posted by JSH View Post
Nobody cares that Tesla is the number 1 EV manufacturer. What investors care about is earning per share and the stock price.

Hyundai will exist in 10 years. Tesla is still a question mark.

Again, there is nothing for mainstream automakers to learn from Tesla. Tesla's primary benefit to the industry is showing that there is limited demand for EVs.
Investors market analysts were pretty certain a year ago that Tesla would not make a profit in 2018 and would need substantial additional funding.

One year later Tesla has had a year with some setbacks but nonetheless managed to double output without additional funding and even made a profit over the last 2 quarters. Tesla has also increased its cash reserve and inventory.
Tesla acquired Grohmann automation, who served the whole EV business, and is in the process of buying Maxwell Technologies as well.
Anyone could have bought those essential companies, but only Tesla did.

And the analysts? They now say Tesla falls short on expectations...
Whose expectations?
They completely forgot to reflect their own past predictions. Just google some of the more vocal critics and see how their predictions evolved over time.

British Leyland employed 250,000 in its heyday. Ten years later the group did not exist any more. What remained were splinters and most were laid off...
Hyundai better keep in touch with the sign of the times.
Volkswagen got it - at least, it seems so.
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