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Originally Posted by Stubby79 View Post
No self-respecting ATV would have both a differential and a solid axle. It would either be solid and without a diff, or be independent suspension with CV axles.

Too narrow, besides.
I didn't consider that. But anyway, what would you do with that axle? Some attempt of a makeshift 4WD conversion for an early Yaris or a Metro?

That thing has a diff specifically designed for a chain input, rather than a drive shaft at 90*. You might see such a thing on a trike conversion axle, but those things aren't cheap/mass produced around here.
It's not the only option for a chain-input differential that I'm aware. Quaife makes one in England, catering to performance-oriented motorcycle engine conversions into cars, but I wouldn't quote it neither as cheap or mass-produced.

You could probably rob one from a tuk-tuk or the like, but we don't have those. Annoying regulations.
A cousin of my father has once converted a Chevette differential to chain input. And the owner of an older trike still fitted with the 125cc pushrod engine once told me a repurposed Chevrolet Opala (similar in size to the Nova) differential was used in some chain-driven trike conversions.
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