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Free gasoline in Oklahoma, other states too?

I learned that the state of Oklahoma requires gasoline pumps to be within 6 cubic inches of accuracy in a calibrated 5 gallon can.

Once tested, they post the results of that exact gas pump on a sticker that is placed on the pump. It will display a number ranging from -6 to 6. That corresponds to the pump error in cubic inches.

So, for some free gas, always select a pump with the highest positive number you see (it dispenses more than you will actually pay for). Never select one with a negative number (youíll pay for gas that you know you wonít get).

At one of the gas stations, I had the choice of a pump with a -3...and the next pump over had a 5. I opted for the 5.

So, while this isnít about modding your vehicle, it is about modifying your behavior to pay attention to the stickers. Some pumps didnít have stickers, so i would just avoid those if possible.

I hope that helps the folks on this forum that live in Oklahoma. Maybe other states do something similar. Texas doesnít...unfortunately.

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