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The best plugs I have found for my Neon (97 highline DOHC) have been the plain old champion copper plugs. This seems to be consistent with other folks on the Neon boards as well. The plug wires on these are so short, that just about any good quality brand name will do, although I went with the NGK as well and have been pleased.

If your mileage is still down, make sure that you don't have a brake dragging and that the rear wheel bearings are in good shape. Just helped a friend change his and his MPG went up by 5....and of course it was quieter without the hum of the bad bearing.

If you are running the stock "habitrail" air cleaner set up, you can also remove the cold air tube (Air cleaner to front of car) and the air will both flow better and be warm air for better MPG since you just changed the air cleaner.

Other than that, you can also do the key dance and run the may have a sensor out of range.

37k miles on a 98 though....Wow that is low. Good find since the 98's are after the head gasket upgrade.

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