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Originally Posted by sendler View Post
V2G is a no brainer if we really think we will have hundreds of millions of 2 ton electric cars on the road as we do ice vehicles now. Just don't think that that will be even close to enough battery storage to keep up with our current level of energy use after fossil fuels. There will be a big change in lifestyle coming for the middle classes in developed nations.
We would be much wiser to look one further step ahead than that and realize that owning a personal car for billions of people is completely unsustainable even on the 30 year time frame of what it takes to change everything so OECD civilization can bend back down to something functional without them.
I would argue that the 'current' level of energy use is not an absolute,necessitating renewable build-out to match.
In past times,during global emergencies,per-capita energy consumption has been severely curtailed,including rationing,complete abolition of certain activities for the duration,35-mph speed limits,etc.,until the danger passed.
It's simple,but not easy.
The propaganda ministries would have to go to work weaving patriotism,Chevrolet,and Mom's apple pie into the public consciousness to get everyone on board.Make everyone feel good about doing their part.Of which we have experts.
We've done it before.If we had to,we could do it again.Trade short-term inconvenience for long-term benefit,coming out the other side more resilient and sustainable.
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