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Originally Posted by redpoint5 View Post
Lol, I'd like to see anything at all get done when there's zero accountability and zero profit motive.
I don't see an issue with respect to accountability.You own the means of production.Your as much a stakeholder as anyone else.You wouldn't need a freedom of information act to have access to the books.Again,it's YOUR facility.
Profit isn't the object.Getting the majority of the population access to to technology which lowers demand and simultaneously provides for demand,with the lowest conceivable cost renewable energy sources is the goal.
You're fighting a war!
After the war is won,we can talk about relaxing some restrictions.
The American people have all the real wealth.You're just building the equivalent of a national SAM's Club or COSCO which owns the manufacturing which provided the store's inventory, and you sell it to yourself at the lowest cost.Why would you not.
Sure,you've got fixed overhead,but you're not dragged down with advertising costs (which can exceed the cost of the product itself),redundant R&D to get around patent infringement,sales commissions,fancy,wasteful,hey look at me bling architecture,expensive real estate,etc.,expensive boards of directors,CEOs,COOs,attorneys,lackeys,sycophants,s ociopaths.
Capitalism couldn't possibly compete.You can use that for more worthless consumer products which don't impact the environment (if you can find any).
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