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Reliability. It still functions as a normal T-stat, without depending on the ECU/coolant temp sensor to be performing correctly.

I assume the whole point of this is to run the engine cooler under heavy load, allowing it to avoid retarding the ignition to prevent knocking. Like when your engine is running more advanced timing while it's warming up.

I don't see much point in trying to adapt such a thing to another vehicle for the purposes of ecomodding. Just drop in a higher t-stat. Most ecomodders won't be running their engine at full load very often, except to get up to speed. Even the P&G's, who theoretically have the engine at full load half of the time, would want to keep the engine as warm as possible between pulses.

I'm sure there are specific examples where it would benefit things, I just don't see it for ecomodder types, generally driving economy-minded vehicles. Might be useful in things like my 370z or other performance-minded engines. They could use all the help they can get.
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