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Originally Posted by oil pan 4 View Post
To cover base load nuclear, geothermal and hydroelectric are the only options.
All the hydrothermal that can create super heated steam is already tapped and the US is already the number 1 geothermal power producer.
All the hydroelectric that can be built in the US with out flooding a city has been built.

The nimby useful idiots already blocked the first commercially viable carbon sequestration in the US because a pipe line had to be built to transport the liquefied CO2.
So carbon capture must not be that important.
Geothermal still has a lot of potential for expansion.
We obviously need to move to energy conservation, flexible usage, energy storage and spreading the load. While wind and solar are subject to weather, their yield can be anticipated - just as the weather.

Those 'nimby useful idiots' may not have particularly liked the prospect of a nationwide CO2 pipeline network, but most of all they would have objected to the way it would be 'sequestered': to drive out the last oil from oil wells, after which most of it would escape anyway.
That's better for the climate than burning extra oil just to produce CO2 for that goal, but not as good as not retrieving the remnants...
They would have been idiots if they had fallen for that scam.
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