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In rural areas I presume they are poor. But in terms of nutrition... I don't know... Nutrition it's one of the key factor for I.Q development, and chinese people among japonese are the people with higher general I.Q (I.Q of overal population).
Only jewish people have higher average I.Q, but as they are very spread around the world they are not take in this calculation, I presume.

Maybe even poor chineses have government's help for food and medicine to keep good nutrition during early days to adolthood.

Jewish are strong, in bussines and in I.Q (specially ashkenazi jews) due the prejudice they suffered. In middle age (i think) or around it, they couldn't have land, but was allowed to lend money. So they developed a culture and ability for this.
The smarter jews had better works, and had more money, and used to have more chances of survive and had their kids to survive too.
All that worked as a natural sellection, making the genes of higher intelligence to be more often passed through generations.

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That's somewhat misterious. But maybe we can relate it to the so-called economic growth of interwar Germany during the 3rd Reich. There is still some high degree of povertry in the Chinese countryside anyway...

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