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Since we are including odd looking hulls, try this one out.

Pavati Wake | Sneak Peek

There are images of the stern in the links as well.

Stupid inquiry of the day...................if aerodynamics is study of how air flows around objects, and hydrodynamics is the study of how water moves around objects, and they both fall under the category of "fluid dynamics", is there a sub-section of fluid dynamics that explores the differences of the two?

I'm assuming "fluid dynamics" is compromised of the commonalities of the two branches, is there another branch that defines the specific differences?

Here is my thinking: water does not compress (to speak of) so the bow of the boat is more important than the stern reagading hull form, plus water attachment because of pressure/density is a non-issue unless supercavitating hulls/propellers are being discussed.

Air does not compress below 250 mph and that area of study beyond is covered under high-speed aerodynamics, and beyond that supersonic aerodynamics.

The study of the differences between bodies moving through air and water is called what?

The old WW2 torpedo dive bombers must have had an aerodynamicist study the flight of the torpedo being dropped though the air, and another engineer covering the travel through the water, but only a person understanding the important differences could truly understand the interaction of the two, is what I am saying.

Yea, I know, the torpedo's dropped from aircraft and motor torpedo boats in WW2 rarely reached their targets. Maybe this was part of the problem, nobody studied the differences?

Penguins Fly Underwater Like Supercavitating Rocket Torpedoes

Is world ready for an undersea missile? Supercavitating torpedo offers speed of 230 miles per hour
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