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Aygo with a twist

Hi Eco folks, on this god forsaken place - the internet forums.

I'm new, and do have a somewhat misplaced agenda - I'd like to get my Aygo faster! Car enthusiast, when asking for performance mods have often been dumbed with the phrase - "you should have bought another car". I'll prove them wrong.
And before you call me an idiot - I know it won't be fast - fast. I own a 400hp 1985 MR2 running 11s, so I know what a fast car is

The build
Will have a high focus on lower weight, areodynamics, gearing, lowering resistance and in general being on a budget. The car it self weigh in at 680kg dry. So far I've estimated a drop to 560-580kg depending on the actual weight and what is included in the specified weight. The car will make about 90-100hp. Goal is 6s 0-100.

I have some questions that this place might be the best to answer.

How much does better areodynic impcact acceleration? Specific examples at 50-100-150km/h will be much apreciated.

Alternate delete:
Does anyone have any idea of how much power a car would need pr km - only running cars vital components like sparkplugs, fuel pump/injectors etc.
-Any example with running a battery flat withouth alternater is appreciated, especially with battery specs listed.
- Goal is to lower weight and power consumption.
- I'm planing on running a 12v 3.5Ah Lithium battery, so power is limited.

Lowering a car vs underbody panels
Ofc now I can't find the link, but basicly it explained that a flat-bottom and smooth object would actually increase cD when bringing it lower to the ground. Can anyone shed some light on this?

Lastly I'll list my ideas to the curiosity folks:

  • Duck tail/semi-tail
  • Underbody panel
  • Side mirror mod or delete
  • Lock/handle delete - side smooting
  • Lexan windows sealed to smoothen window/door
  • Sealing small gaps
  • Front partial closed off and/or changed
  • Lowered as much as possible - chop chop is considered over expensive coilover
  • Rearwheel side skirt
  • diffuser

Performance/engine mods
  • Lower gearing 7% with wheel setup
  • Lighter wheels - Enkei with 165 50 R14 10,5kg front - if traction is less of an issue Lupo wheels will be used instead lowering it 500g (4,4kg vs 4,9kg-Enkei)
  • 3-1 manifold with 1,75" straight piped exhaust
  • Ram air "forced" induction with little to none filtration - from an open spot on the front.
  • Generel porting and flow optimizing
  • Low viscosity oils
  • Lighten flywheel
  • Alternater delete or full throttle off switch
  • Electric water pump - Depending on battery/alternater situation.
  • Lastly getting i ECU tuned and rev liv to 7500rpm

All in on weight reduction, cut'n remove etc.
Lexan window
Lithium battey

Lastly - and this might be controversial, but are there any facebook groups with eco modding in focus. I am sorry if this voilate any rules. But I dont expect much activity on these old forums. So a bigger user base might be achieved on facebook.

Greeting from Denmark

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