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Hagens video#1

At 6:03 I threw out a caution flag:
*carpooling with your existing ICE beater is better than buying a hybrid
^he shows an EV,not a hybrid,which is a slam against EV (specifically Tesla)
^carpooling with any car would improve its passenger-miles-per-gallon,or equivalent.
^driving with an EV,or carpooling with an EV would potentially be carbon free.Impossible with an EV.
^in light of global climate change,discouraging the use of EV might not be the best messaging.
At 6:44 I threw another flag.
'Very happy' seems like a very subjective metric on which to base a survey.It lacks scientific rigor.There is no such thing as a happi-o-meter,from which to obtain empirical data.
It doesn't pass the smell test.
I think Carl Sagan and Richard Feynman would have laughed themselves silly if they'd lived to see this.
Otherwise I'm okay with it.

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