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Hi all, it's a little quiet on here so I thought I might try to liven things up a bit.
My 'Dreamliner' is still in active service and running fine.

Four of us took a trip through France, Germany, Luxembourg and Belgium at the end of last summer, Nige was travelling on his Honda Innova with his 15 year old son on pillion, and Ash was riding his 125cc Suzuki.

Sadly Ash and the Suzuki didn't make it past the Ardennes, major gearbox problems ended his trip early, and went home in the back of a van. Luckily he had European breakdown cover.

I had a minor problem with loose rear sprocket bolts, probably due to the non standard rear sprocket, but that was easily fixed.
Interesting to note that the (carbed) Innova fuel consumption was very similar to mine at around 140 mpg (Imp.). He was carrying a lot more weight and is not at all streamlined. Obviously a more efficient engine.

I've recently acquired a Lifan 110 engine which I'm fitting into an off road bike. Now here's the thing I'm not happy about, this engine's ignition timing is set to around 27 deg btdc and is non adjustable. It's the only engine I've worked on that does not have any kind of advance/retard, either mechanical or electronic.
The pitbike boards are full of advice about how to make your bike faster, but no-one seems concerned with fuel economy.

There is a rotor/CDI kit available from OOracing for 85 pounds that will resolve this issue, I'm wondering whether anyone has any experience with these engines and whether you think it's a worthwhile mod.

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