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Thanks for the reply and the link Stubby79, this static timing seems to be a compromise and I think the engine would be more efficient with variable timing. It probably won't matter much on a trail bike, but I might need to install a new engine in the Dreamliner. It's currently running a 125 Atc motor, and over here they are as rare as rocking horse manure.

I've got a rotor from a YX 140, which gives an extra 10 deg. of advance. If I use that with it's original CDI, theoretically, I should be able to vary the timing from about 17deg to a maximum of 37 degrees. Got to be better than static timing, if it doesn't work I can go back to the standard setup.

I cant ride the bike yet, I'm waiting for some cycle parts to arrive. In the meantime I'll check that everything fits and source a suitable CDI.

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