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Originally Posted by Frank Lee View Post
I'm not going to load the car with ballast just so it's loaded "properly".
The act of shifting is in itself inefficient. Skip-shifting gets me in top gear quicker. Fewer clutch activations. Fewer quick throttle-offs. Fewer throttle-ons when accelerating.
Jawohl! Fer sure.
The great increase in transmission gears started with small 65HP economy cars of the latter 70's & 80's, so they had a chance to keep up with "real" cars. Those with 5-speed manual trannies, I viewed with much envy. But that didn't keep me from skipping gears with my 4-speed manual. I love turning my manual transmission into half an auto tranny by skipping gears in a 5-speed. With little traffic & accommodating terrain, my 6-speed manual Elantra gets the 1-3-6 or 2-4-6 shuffle. Its BETTER than half an auto tranny.
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