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Originally Posted by Taylor95 View Post
I can't believe how many posts are on this topic. I'm all for being more efficient, though more for the economic sense of it and to better utilize our resources. Has anyone considered here that efforts to curb CO2 production are futile? Supposedly there has been 6 mass extinctions in earth's history, and multiple cycles of heating and cooling. I theorize that nothing humans do will change what the climate will ultimately do. According to one source, we are in an interglacial warm period. After some thousands of years, the earth will cool off again, which will cause many of its own problems for us.
The issue is non-linear,abrupt climate change,with feedback-loop-fed,accelerating acceleration,in which we,the flora,and fauna cannot possibly adapt to,due to the speed at which it will happen.
We'll quite literally be living on a different planet than the one everything evolved for.
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